Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Grant Program

The Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI) embraces and encourages members of our perioperative nursing community to celebrate our differences. As a part of our vision to grow a community of certificants and lifelong learners, CCI is committed to creating an environment to respect the differences that make everyone unique.

In pursuit of this vision, and with the support of the CCI Board of Directors, we are pleased to sponsor the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Grant Program. This program is designed to increase diversity in perioperative nursing. For the purposes of this program, we have defined the word “diversity” broadly to include the demographic mix of a specific collection of people.

The goal of the DEI Grant Program is to provide resources for under-resourced, under-represented, and/or under-invested individuals and facilities in the field of perioperative nursing. Individual grant applications and facility grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. All grant awards will be valid for 12 months, and no extensions are available. Grant recipients will be eligible to receive a combination of resources to support their pursuit of CCI’s certifications.


For questions or additional information about the DEI Grant Program, please contact: 

Morgan Halvorson (mhalvorson@cc-institute.org).