Volunteer Opportunities

CCI offers many opportunities for current certificants who would like to be involved in the certification community. Volunteers must hold a current unexpired CCI credential to be eligible. The volunteer application window is currently closed. Applications will open on April 17, 2021. 

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Volunteer Position Descriptions 

Test Development Committees

Job Analysis Task Force Committee: The purpose of this committee is to determine a set of competencies and skills essential to current perioperative nursing. This committee requires an extended commitment and multiple follow-up calls during a period of 6 months to ensure continuity throughout the process. This committee will meet in person.

Job Analysis Test Specifications Committee: This committee concludes the Job Analysis process. Members include volunteers from the Job Analysis Task Force Committee and new volunteers. The goal of this committee is to create a content outline (e.g., an exam blueprint) using survey results. This committee will meet in person.

Crosswalk Committee: This committee reviews the categorization of exam questions in each exam’s blueprint. The goal of this committee is to reassign items and/or assign newly written items to appropriate subject areas.

Item Writing Committee: Writers develop exam questions according to the exam blueprint using provided references. Individuals selected for writing items will receive training and materials on how to write a valid, defensible test question. This committee will meet either in person or remotely via webinar.

Item Review Committee: The goal of this committee is to review, and potentially edit, newly written exam questions. Reviewers evaluate a question’s relevance to the exam blueprint, content accuracy, correctness of answers, potential geographic bias, and language clarity. This committee will meet either in person or remotely via webinar.

Standard Setting Committee: Members of this committee critically evaluate new exam forms to determine cut scores that will be used to measure a candidate’s performance. Part of this process entails taking the new form of the exam just as an examinee would. This committee will meet in person.

Form Review Committee: Committee members meet to review all exam questions selected for the exam. Such matters as the correctness of answers, prevention of geographic bias, language clarity, reference updates, and appropriateness of items are considered during the form review process.

Problem Item Notification (PIN) Call Committee:The purpose of this committee is to review exam questions that performed outside expected parameters. This committee meets remotely via webinar.

Ad Hoc Committee: This committee is assembled to address specific test development tasks not completed by the routine committees listed. This committee may meet either in person or remotely via webinar.

Educational Product Development Committee

Volunteers that participate on the education product development team write practice test items for various uses within CCI. The CCI test prep products (flashcards, practice exam, prep book) require a number of unique practice questions. Participants have the incredible role of helping build the certified perioperative nursing community. Training is provided on item writing to assist in the item writing process. You must hold at least one of the CCI credentials.

CNS-CP Portfolio Peer Reviewer 

CNS-CP Professional Portfolio is CCI’s new mechanism for certifying Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) working in the perioperative setting. The portfolio is based on a project in which the CNS has played a lead role in its design, implementation, and evaluation. This method of certification relies on a peer review of portfolio contents. Peer reviewer evaluations are used to determine success of the portfolio in meeting core CNS competencies and CCI task and knowledge statements.

The volunteer who serves as a peer reviewer for portfolio submissions will be required to hold expertise in project management at the patient, nurse, and systems levels, in addition to, an active or Emeritus CNS-CP credential. Peer reviewers will use a standardized rubric to evaluate applicant documents. Peer reviewers must have excellent analytical and communication skills, both written and verbal. The ability to access linked files in an electronic storage (Dropbox) account is required. The time commitment and occurrence varies by portfolio submission. See application for further details.

Recertification Committee

The Recertification Committee (RC) was developed by CCI to assist in the development of activities for recertification using the professional points method. The purpose of the Recertification Committee includes but is not limited to:

  • Developing educational professional points activities for CCI credential recertification programs, through the Learning Activities subgroup;
  • Review educational items submitted to the Learning Activity Review subgroup prior to submission to the CCI approving authority;
  • Deliver educational professional points activities through the CCI Learning Management System (LMS) and LMS Working Group for CCI credential recertification programs;
  • Through these activities, build a comprehensive educational recertification activity bank that will be published and maintained by CCI.